Review of Finz Seafood & Grill

76 Wharf St, Salem, MA 01970

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If I could, I would give this restaurant no stars. I went with my mom last year to Finz the weekend before Halloween. I ordered the Fishermans Stew & several times check with the waiter & manager that the stew was prepared in a safe area, with no risk of cross contamination. Both states it would be completely safe. I will say the stew was delicious, but after a few bites I started to feel ill & got sick in the bathroom. When I came back I moved the stew around I noticed two long pieces of linguini. Evidentially, the stew and pasta are cooked right next to each other even though the stew is on the gluten free menu! We showed the waiter & he got the manager. Unfortunately, I was unable to talk to the manager, cause I was getting sick in the bathroom again. My mom said the manager said they were sorry and comped my meal. The ride home (4 hours) was horrible as was the next 5 days. I wrote to the restaurant & stated that perhaps they should mention on their menu that the stew is cooked next to the pasta so customers are aware of the high risk of cross contamination, since their staff didn't explain that (even when I asked). They never wrote back an answering email. My mom & I are going to Salem again in 2 weeks, but I sure won't be eating there.

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Updated 5 years ago