Five Guys

Review by nateb

2606 Cedar Hills Blvd., Beaverton, OR 97005
5 years ago

Dedicated fryer, with great fries! I've gotten burgers and fries. For the burger I've done lettuce wrap or done my own gluten free bun. The quality of the meat and veggies are top notch and the fries aren't contaminated. That is what matters. I completely disagree with Edward. Some of the gluten free buns at burger places are too small or don't taste all that great, and often times they charge more for one. For side dishes, the most popular side for a burger is is fries. A lot of fast food places are cooking breaded chicken strips and other crap. Not so here. The reason why the quality is high despite being fast and cheap is this place is simple. This is not a sit down restaraunt. Keep things simple and do it right. I'd gladly give up an overpriced gf bun, for better quality meat and fries that are not cross contaminated. K.I.S.S.