Fogo de Chao

Review by biscotti_kitty

1101 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004
1 year ago

I had an excellent meal last night! The salad bar is unreal in the offerings they have (cheeses, smoked salmon, beautiful vegetables, olives...I could go on) & most everything is GF. They have some crackers or bread or something off to the side that isn't GF but I didn't even pay attention to that because I was in salad bar heaven. The meats were great too. They clearly stated that the only meats that aren't GF are the chicken legs and the sausage, which they serve together, so there wasn't worry of contamination. But, I gotta say my favorite part of the meal was the naturally gluten free Paõ De Queijo (cheese bread!!) that they have at the table. I ate 5, during a business dinner, and I'm not even sorry. I definitely plan on going back!