Food Factory

Review by GFGlenn

44 College Road, Fairbanks, AK 99701
4 years ago


Celiac friendly?



No gluten free menu but when I called and asked to speak to a knowledgeable person I learned their soups were GF, and they have great (dense, chewy, not real dry) buns for burgers. I had a California Chef Salad with ranch dressing they say they make there which is GF also. Salad was very good (and huge) and so were the GF garlic buns that came with it. Also had a cup of clam chowder which was said to be GF and was pretty good. My spouse said her burger, on gluten bread of course, was very good as well. For casual dining it was quite good. Would give a five if they had a GF menu. Prices were reasonable for AK. I don't react immediately to gluten so can't say with certainty that everything I had was GF but I think it likely was.