Review of Ground Round

20700 Chippendale Avenue West #15, Farmington, MN 55024

Overall Rating


Highway 3 in "north" Farmington. I was very impressed. Separate GF menu, and the staff takes it seriously.

My daughter has celiac ; the server actually understood the differences between celiac and intolerant and "gluten-free by choice" and brought up herself. She volunteered for and arranged for the kitchen manager to fix our daughter's meal in a separate area, wearing gloves, as opposed to the usual cook. And our daughter's meal was brought out by said kitchen manager with gloves; the same kitchen manager brought a GF meal to another table while we were there, do it appears they keep a dedicated "GF prepper" around all night.

I didn't expect this kind of service at a little "small town" restaurant. And while we all know Ground around isn't winning any culinary awards anytime soon, my family was satisfied with their food. But more importantly for our purposes, our daughter loved her GF meal, we all felt well afterwards, and we appreciated the staff's knowledge.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 6 years ago