Review of Hard Rock Cafe

22-24 Clinton St, Boston, MA 02109

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Celiac friendly?



Can I give a negative star? I explained to the waitress that I have an allergy to gluten and very clearly ordered a medium rare burger with no bun. Hamburger came out of the kitchen with a bun. It was sent back where all they did was take the bun off (waitress admitted it). Second burger was made and came out of the kitchen again on a bun. Third burger came out with no bun, but not melted cheese. It was suspected they took the bun and cheese off from burger #2 and threw it back on the grill as it was very well done. Unclear if the fries were safe and made in different oil, but I’m guessing they weren’t as I did not feel well the next day. We were told by one manager that our bill would be taken care of while another manager only took off 15%. It was ridiculous. We will never go back here again.

Updated 2 months ago