Review of Henry T's

1521 SW 21st St, Topeka, KS 66604

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ugh ....well unfortunately this has taken a turn for the worst for me. I actually ate here for about a year with little to no issues, usually stuck with cheeseburgers, chicken bites or strips, tried the Philly gluten free on all of course. however for some reason recently I have gotten sick the last three or four times eating there. it used to be a go to place for me, I thought finally I can eat out somewhere and not have to starve until going home, well it looks like no more. and i dont mean like just a little stomach ache, i mean full blown celiac sick. someone is being careless in the kitchen, someone is dropping the ball, which is so unfortunate.... I won't be going here anymore, which sucks but feeling like shit and being bed or bathroom ridden for days sucks more. 😒😕

Updated 4 years ago