Review of Honest Biscuits

1901 Western Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

Overall Rating


Based on previous reviews, I was excited to try Honest Biscuits. However, I was sadly disappointed. First off, the gluten free biscuits were in the same display case, not separated from all the other gluten full biscuits, and actually on a lower shelf, so crumbs from above can contaminate the gf biscuits below. Secondly, when the gf biscuits were taken from the display case, they touched and made contact with the other biscuits. I watched them prepare a gf order in the very small prep area, with only one small toaster/pizza oven for heating up all orders. They never changed gloves, and when I asked about their gf food, they didn’t really seem to care. The whole thing was scary to me, so I didn’t order anything, and would highly recommend that fellow celiacs don’t either. Very unsafe.

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Updated 2 years ago