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201 N 66th St, Lincoln, NE 68505

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Sitting at HuHot watching my family eat. Waitress offered to get me bowls from the back. I asked to speak with management or someone about getting the food from the back. A supervisor came to the table and stated they would get my vegetables, meats, and sauces from the back. When I stated I wanted to order only gluten free food, he went to get me a list. He returned after several minutes with a list of all the items that have gluten/wheat. I said I had no idea what items DIDN’T have gluten. He said he could get a list. Since my family already had been eating for several minutes, I told the supervisor to forget my order. I didn’t want my food to arrive as my family finished (and there was only one cook for a busy crowd). Highly doubt any meal could have kept from getting cross contaminated anyhow. What a disappointing and hungry evening.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 5 months ago