In-N-Out Burger

Review by Lisa

957 Topsy Ln, Carson City, NV 89705
6 months ago
Celiac friendly

2/17/19: Found out today by the assistant manager that there is no separate pan/tray that they cook the meat inside on top of the grill - they have a separate/clean prep area to assemble the lettuce wrapped burger. So the information that somebody gave us 4 months ago was not accurate. They try to use the second grill which isn’t used very often and clean it off extra for allergy burgers (and I believe there is a side of the grill that doesn’t have any buns on it). That being said, we’ve never gotten sick eating here and we’re super sensitive. October ‘18 - they actually now have a special pan/tray to cook the burgers in on top of the grill to avoid cross contamination. They have it at the Topsy location and in Sparks. Haven’t been to the s. Virginia location in a while so don’t know. Super happy about this! Fast and delicious! Dedicated fryer for fries! We always ask for the manager and explain our allergies so they follow their allergen protocol and get it right. Make sure your allergies appear on the receipt too. They do not have gluten free buns but they do protein style (lettuce wrap). We've never gotten sick and we're super-sensitive. We've been eating here gf for about 8 years.