Review of Indochine

19751 E Main St, Parker, CO 80138

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I ordered gluten free crispy pork rolls - they gave me regular ones twice. I had to wait 30+ minutes for the first order. Halfway home, I saw they gave me the regular non gluten free roll. I called to inform. I was told it would be ready when I came back. 10+ minutes after arriving, the order came out. I went to my car and discovered it happened again. Called again from parking lot to inform. Young girl told me there was a new cook. I was very patient, I think I was one apologizing for my Celiacs. I asked that they please tell him this needs to be gluten free. I waited another 10 minutes and finally got correct rolls. I never asked, but one would have thought there would have been a credit toward a future purchase. I was a regular for 6 years. I haven’t been back since.

This unfortunately is not the first time this happened. Both my daughter and my nephew have Celiacs too. I personally get extremely sick when I eat gluten. My nephew who also have diabetes type 1 gets horribly sick. It incapacitates us like a stomach flu would and it takes a toll on my nephews blood sugar control bc of the reaction. Other family members eat the regular crispy rolls which are smooth so it’s easy for me to spot. The gluten free ones are bumpy and lighter in color bc of rice wrap. If one wouldn’t know, they would eat the regular. This is a serious problem especially when a restaurant markets as specializing in gluten free food.

Updated 3 years ago