Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

Review by Frank Castle

1460 Bethlehem Pike, North Wales, PA 19454
4 years ago
Celiac friendly

5-1-15. I put the date so it's easily known when I was there. My wife and I go here every week. The wait staff know when to ask questions and the usual chef is very cautious. They now have a pretty good gf bun. They have tried many, and now have settled on one that isn't too terrible, it holds up well without falling apart and tastes good. Try the gf chicken wings, they take a little longer, but worth the wait. The French onion soup isn't listed as gf, but ask for it without the crouton. The broth IS gluten free. My wife has never had a reaction. They now have more gf beers. It always depends on time of year, but it fluxuates from 1 to 3 gf beers at a time.