Review of Jack Sprat

165 Olympic Mountain Loop, Girdwood, AK 99587

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Celiac friendly?



Jack Sprat is one of my favorite restaurants in the state. I have had so many great meals here, with that said please please let your server know if you have an actual allergy. Despite some items being marked as gluten free, such as the yam fries, they are in a shared fryer. They told me they clean it out often, but I personally would not risk having a reaction. Unless you know the right questions to ask, you could get a reaction. Ex. When I asked if they were truly gf they said yes, when I asked if it's a gluten free fryer they said they only had one fryer and they also fry other things in there, when I asked if the other things are all gluten free they said no. To me that means it is not truly gluten free. (Also, how annoying is it to have to ask so many questions to get the final answer). I have not had a reaction here yet, and I have eaten here about 5 times so far. It's great food, but I question how well they understand the allergy.. Due to items being marked as gf and not actually being gf I will have to say this is not celiac friendly place, unless you ask enough questions.

Updated 7 months ago