Review of Jason's Deli

1540 Airport Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32504

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The first time I went here I had no problems but the second time they brought out my GF sandwich wrapped and stamped with the "GF" sticker like they normally do but the sandwich was made on a croissant NOT the GF bread. I thought since it was wrapped, stamped and shown on my receipt as GF that it was safe but as I soon discovered two-bites in, it definitely was NOT GF! The manager was very apologetic but didn't even offer me a refund. I made sure he understood the implications of a mix-up like this for fellow celiacs. Luckily my reaction is not extreme enough to require any immediate medical intervention, it just makes me horribly sick to my stomach, but for my fellow celiacs with more extreme reactions BEWARE and check twice when eating here.

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Updated 8 years ago