Review of Johnny's Harborside

493 Lake Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

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I am extremely disappointed with my visit here. I have celiac disease and made sure to let the server know before ordering. I ordered a steak and veggies and when the food came out, I noticed a noodle mixed in with my veggies. When the server came by I notified her and said I needed my food to be remade. She then proceeded to ask me if I am sure one of my daughters noodles from across the table didn't somehow fall on my plate! Basically insinuating that I put it there. Are you kidding me?! How incredibly rude and insulting.By this time, I didn't even want to eat anymore but she then asked if I wanted them to replate it and just put new veggies on there. I told her I needed the whole thing remade to avoid any possible cross contamination. They remade it and it came out fine but didn't do anything to make up for the way I was treated. I cannot even believe the lack of professionalism here. I will never be going back.

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Updated 3 years ago