Landry's Seafood

Review by Chef Mike

517 N Presa St, San Antonio, TX 78205
4 years ago
Celiac friendly

This place didn't pop up on this app, but I've been to the one in New Orleans a few times and knew I would get a good meal even it was only going to be grilled fish with veg. When I asked the waitress, Sara, for GF suggestions she returned with a GF menu and a manager. We went over the regular menu and modified it a bit. The mgr. told the waitress exactly how to enter the order and what to tell the chef. I ended up with a broiled redfish with the Melissa topping, sauteed shrimp, scallops, mushrooms and lump crabmeat. This was hands down the best meal I've had since being diagnosed with Celiac. Giant kudos to the restaurant, the unbelievably accomodating manager and the chef for an over the top dining experience! BTW, the manager came by to check on my meal and informed me that the only dessert I could have was the creme brulee (as if I had any room for dessert!)