Review of Legal Sea Foods

301 Great River Rd, Somerville, MA 02145

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Celiac friendly?



Best GF pickle chips I’ve ever had! The GF buns at this location are mini and kind of hard so not the best. I was with 2 friends and all 3 of us ordered the fried fish sandwich (2 gf, 1 regular). They brought the 2 GF ones out and said these are the GF ones and then brought the regular one. All 3 buns looked exactly the same and the GF buns did not look GF to me. Our server took them away and we were brought new GF sandwiches - our server did not bring the food out and also recognized that the buns were not GF. While we waited a manager came over and assured us that she had spoken with the kitchen staff (read yelled) and apologized profusely for non GF dishes being brought out and presented as GF. She also brought us 2 complimentary GF desserts. I was very impressed by the quick response to non GF food being brought out, however, had I not noticed that the buns were not GF and I would have eaten them and gotten sick. (I did not get sick so the replacements were GF) would go back again but double check that everything that comes out is in fact GF.

Updated 8 months ago