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4 Orchard View Dr, Londonderry, NH 03053

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Before I write anything else, if you're crunched for time just go to Lucciano's...don't read this review, just go!! This place is incredible!! My girlfriend has celiac's disease so finding a place where she can eat out can be tricky, and she's a pretty picky eater as well. The owner's wife also has celiac's disease so Lucciano's is a great option for us.

I can eat wheat and gluten to my hearts content, but the Gluten-Free rolls are the best rolls I've had in YEARS -- gluten or gluten-free! We both eat them EVERY TIME we go and both can't wait to have them. They are soft, fluffy, and homemade, with an amazing herb and cheese dipping oil.

We have been multiple times, and each time seems better than the last, so we'll tell you about our most recent trip. We were greeted by the only male waiter there -- Ion -- who warmly welcomed us back. He knew that we usually only drink waters when we come, so he preempted our request by offering us a couple ice waters. We ordered coffee as well so he quickly put on a fresh pot, and -- of course -- offered us an order of the GF rolls before we had a chance to ask.

We have only ordered coffee here once before, and my girlfriend drinks her coffee with milk, but forgot to ask for it. Not a problem, however, as Ion remembered and brought the milk anyway! This was incredibly impressive as some restaurants won't even remember the milk when asked. That was the sign that we HAD to write this review.

We had a bit of a complex order, which Ion handled without needing to write it down, and was very accommodating and pleasant despite our "unique" order. We asked for the Spinach and Gorgonzola Salad, a small for my app, and a large for her meal, with a few caveats. We ordered them both without croutons to make things a bit simpler, but that wasn't a problem for Ion. He brought my salad out first, with croutons, and brought the large salad out for my girlfriend for the main course without them! It was so good, and so large that she couldn't finish it.

My meal was the gluten-filled Gnocchi, which I've had my eye on for a few weeks now. The sauce was sweet and creamy, and the dumplings were cheesy and satiating! Another wonderful dish! (I'd also recommend the angel hair dish with veggies, or the eggplant parm).

Finally, without having to ask, Ion threw another strike -- The Gluten-Free Tiramisu!! A dish that my girlfriend hasn't been able to have in over 5 years of eating Gluten-Free!! It was incredible, like everything else, and a wonderful cap to an amazing meal!!

This place gets 5 out of 7 OUT OF 5!! Can I rate it higher? It's our favorite restaurant in the state and we plan on eating here again and again! Ask for Ion by name, and tip well, you won't regret it!! Enjoy!!

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