Review of Luccianos

4 Orchard View Dr, Londonderry, NH 03053

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I am gluten and dairy intolerant. It is extremely hard to go out to eat. I've eaten at places that tell me that the food they served is safe for me but my stomach says otherwise. Ian the server was extremely knowledgeable about what they had to offer and what was safe for me. they have a great gluten free menu. I've never seen one with so many things to pick from especially in an Italian restaurant. when my food was served I was impressed with the portion and presentation. after several bites I had to stop and wait for a check in from the server because it tasted too good to be G/D free. He assured me it was. I continued eating, thinking I was going to pay for it later. as the night went on, all was good! the food was excellent, best GF DF food ive eaten . We can't wait to go back, it my new favorite restaurant!

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Updated 4 years ago