Review by Laura

#2 The Boulevard Saint Louis, Richmond Heights, MO 63117-1122
5 months ago

UPDATE: They no longer carry gluten free rolls. Said they are lookimg for a new vendor, but it's been about 6 months. Also no GF lunch specials unless you want 2 half salads w/out protein. Original Review: The first time I ate here was fine. The second time they were out of GF rolls so they asked if they could comp by sending me an additional pasta home. I thought that was great and ordered the veggie penne with GF noodles (obvs). Well they sent me home with WHEAT pasta!!!! I ate 1/4 of the dish before realizing something was wrong. The noodles looked exactly the same as the GF option except orange, and the texture was softer. I became extremely ill that night and the entire next day. My boyfriend ate the rest of the dish and confirmed it was exactly the same as what he has eaten at the restaurant (ie wheat noodles). I'm not sure if I want to eat here again. GF control is pretty good for dining in, but I'll never do take out again. The gluten free rolls are awful, imo and not worth the calories. They could buy any brand of rolls literally anywhere and they would taste better. Not sure why they haven't caught on yet... they also take FOREVER to come out even though they supposedly start them as soon as you sit down.