Review of Malee's Thai Bistro

7131 East Main Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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Was visiting Scottsdale last Saturday and stumbled onto Malee's around lunch time. I am very sensitive to gluten and have a complete internal anxiety attack when people suggest a new restaurant. But, I decided to be brave when our friends decided this was where we were eating. I asked and received a separate gluten free menu. I ordered the Evil Jungle Princess because I liked the name. I am fairly new to Thai, so I don't know exactly what type of meal it was, but it had big chunks of chicken, mushrooms, and a Devine curry sauce. I add a little brown rice to soak up some of the sauce. I loved it!!! And better yet, I did not get sick. Woohoo. Thank you Malee!!

Celiac friendly?


Updated 4 years ago