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9219 Lake Hefner Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

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We were visiting family, so we gave this app a try with some restaurants during a recent trip. Mama Roja does have a separate gf menu (request it at the hostess' stand), and, as with many Mexican restaurants, quite a few of the options are gluten free. The do NOT have dedicated fryers for gf foods, so even though guacamole, Queso, and other dips are on the gf menu, you'll have to request warm corn tortillas (like you'd get with fajitas), not chips. My son was very upset when we got our food (fish tacos, with grilled shrimp), and it had regular fried fish in the tacos. I grabbed a manager, and he asked 'did you tell the waiter it was gluten free?' Yeah, we had gluten free menus, had asked 4-5 questions about gluten free items, etc. It had been a long wait, and my son was starving. I felt really bad, because he started to cry. If he hadn't taken a look in his taco, he'd have been throwing up all night, guaranteed. They did bring us new plates quickly, and I saw the manager stand by the kitchen window to make sure they were done right and came right to us. They offered to comp us dessert, but... no real gf dessert choices <sigh>. Overall, the restaurant was cool, and the food was good. We watched World Cup matches while we ate. My son is highly gluten sensitive, and he didn't have a single issue, so we know they made things right. I just felt like I had to make a much bigger deal about this than I would at our normal restaurants.

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