Review of Maria's Mexican & Latin Cuisine

211 Smithtown Blvd, Nesconset, NY 11767

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Unfortunately my experience at Maria's was not as good as others here. I have eaten here once before and tested the food with my Nima gluten tester which came back negative for gluten and I had no issues (At that time I had the rice and beans and some sort of veggie). On my second visit here the rice & beans and cheese tested negative for gluten but the shrimp fajitas (without tortilla) and maduros (sweet plantains) tested positive for containing gluten. Unfortunately I did have one bite of the shrimp before the test result came back and I am a bit sick today. (I had ordered from the gluten free menu and let the waiter know I had celiac/gluten issues before ordering.) With the shrimp fajitas I only tested the shrimp and it's sauce with the chopped cilantro/greens on top. The maduros also had cilantro/chopped greens on them, they say they use a separate fryer so I'm not sure what the issue was. I hope the owner will figure out what the source was and correct it. I'm a very sensitive celiac so you will have to use your own judgment since I see many celiacs say they had no issues here. The rice and beans tested negative for gluten on both visits. The margaritas however were delicious.

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Updated 2 years ago