Review of Melt Bar & Grilled

1 Cedar Point Dr, Sandusky, OH 44870

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We ate at Melt because it was pretty much the only gf option in the park. I ordered a grilled cheese mushroom melt on udi’s bread, with an upgraded side to the tomato soup because my waiter informed me of the fries weren’t safe. A few reviews on here mentioned a dedicated fryer, but it doesn’t sound like that’s the case— at least not anymore.

I had brought my Nima with me, and I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about the results. The soup came back gf, but the sandwich had gluten found. That being said, the manager came out and apologized profusely. He stated that they prepared the sandwich in a separate area with separate grilling, etc. As we talked through it, it sounded like despite changing gloves, there may have been cc from grabbing pieces of cheese, spinach or mushrooms from their bins. He asked if he could try remaking it for me, which he did himself, using fresh bins of spinach, cheese and mushrooms. When we Nima tested it, it came back gf. The manager was very apologetic and comped my sandwich for the wait, which I don’t feel like he needed to do. I still ate the gf sandwich, which they made twice. But he said he felt badly that I couldn’t eat with my family because of the delay. So I gave this restaurant a higher rating despite gluten being found in the first sandwich, because they seemed very interested in learning from it and making sure patrons with celiac can eat safely there. I would recommend if you are eating there without a Nima to validate the safety, just make sure you ask that your ingredients for the sandwich, salad, whatever, are pulled from fresh bins. I feel like I have that conversation with restaurants whether I have my Nima or not, but it’s worth reiterating. And if you’re still weary, but starving, the tomato soup was definitely safe!

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