Review of Miguel's Cocina

2444 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110

Overall Rating


Got glutened. We were given chips salsa and “white sauce” (which I believed to be cheese) when we sat down. I asked if the chips were corn and not flour and was told they were. I didn’t think to ask about what we both believed was cheese. When our waitress came I asked for a gf menu, which she brought me. When my gf food was brought out by the manager, he asked if we wanted more chips and we said yes. He asked me if I had a sensitivity or an allergy, I said allergy. He then was like I hope someone told you that you couldn’t have the white sauce. At first I thought it was joking, but I realized soon that he wasn’t. Once he realized I had been eating it he felt horrible. He was extremely concerned and kept checking in with me to apologize for the rest of the meal. Even though I said he didn’t have to, when I gave my card to pay he covered the cost of my meal.

The food itself was very good. But make sure you do NOT have white sauce when given chips. You get it before your server comes.

Updated 2 years ago