MOD Pizza

Review by gfsmalltowngirl

485 Marketplace Blvd, Forney, TX 75126
1 month ago
Not celiac friendly

Mod has great tasting pizza with a build-your-own concept. The problem is that depending on the person making your pizza, you will get little protection from cross-contamination. I had to stop the guy from using his flour-covered hands to pick up my gluten-free crust. They go through the motions of making it “safer” by having the crust in a separate location, changing gloves if asked, and using a different cutter for gf pizzas, but all the utensils used to spread sauces are the same as far as I could tell. If you aren’t very sensitive to gluten then you may be okay, but sadly, celiacs should stay very far away. The rating is a split between the gluten-free pizza being very tasty versus it not doing anywhere near enough to ensure that it’s safe to eat.