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4, The Riverside, The Oracle Centre, Reading RG1 2AG, United Kingdom

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I've always thought Nando's was a great place for celiacs, that was till I ate here! I have visited this Nando's twice and both times they have made me sick! They do not take celiac disease seriously and didn't seem to know what it was. The first time I visited my self and a friend ordered our food separately. However they bought our food together on one place. (I thought this so odd even if I wasn't a celiac.) my friends garlic bread was on the plate. I took it back to the till were the staff told me to remove it and didn't understand cross contamination at all. He called a manager who took the plate away. I do think I was given the same chicken that touch the garlic bread as I was sick after.The second time I went I was made sick again and as I was leaving I watch the grill cook that was mixing the chicken and bread on the grill and using the same utensils. Really a very bad Nando's.

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Updated 4 years ago