Review of Outback Steakhouse

295 Pepper's Ferry Rd. NE, Christiansburg, VA 24073

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Don't listen to GFJohnny!! He must not know what to expect from a steakhouse chain which had wonderful food btw. This outback was well versed in celiac awareness. The manager came to our table immediately to speak to us about our allergy concerns. She informed us that the owners wife has celiac and he makes sure every person in the restaurant down to the hostesses takes a training course in gluten allergies. So from the moment you ask for a gluten free menu the manager is already informing the waitress and kitchen staff of your allergy. The manager let us know that all of the seasonings they use are gluten free and the kitchen staff changes gloves, pans etc for your meal as well as cooks your food in foil to prevent cross contamination. When you order gluten free food your ticket comes up with gluten allergy in large red bold font so it is not missed and the owner as well as the manager was back in the kitchen to ensure everything was properly prepared for us. She was available to answer any and all questions we had and was very informative and friendly. I highly recommend stopping here we had a wonderful meal. Everyone was very friendly, wonderful waitress, clean restaurant, great food, all around amazing celiac friendly chain restaurant. If give 10 stars if possible they go above and beyond for their customers to ensure the best possible experience.

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