Review of P.F. Chang's

15900 LaCantera Pkwy. Bldg. #1, Suite 1100, San Antonio, TX 78256

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Awful! Drove 45 mins there (and back) only to realize the food was ALL wrong (had someone go over food there- to "ensure" everything in order was there- that person doesn't know what 'correct' is (their words, not mine). First- ALL of the food was cold (I know it was a 45 min drive back, but every other food places' food stays hot- in insulated cooler). The kids chicken fried rice was an adult's, divided in half (so all the veggies) and the chicken was breaded (mgr says that's how they do all kids food bc kids are picky), yet the 'normal' kids chicken fried rice looked like it always does. (So yes, it's gf, but they add breading mix, but it's under the ppm for gf) WHAT?! All because kids are "picky", but apparently not ALL. The manager tried to make sense of what happened, but was getting texts and kept changing up what happened. In the end she gave us a refund (good, because there was NO WAY I'm risking a reaction when clearly they don't know what they're doing). Happy Birthday to my husband 🙄😡 Would not EVER recc this pf changs for GF or otherwise.

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Updated 4 months ago