Review of Pieology

1766 S Greenfield Rd #103, Mesa, AZ 85206

Overall Rating

Celiac friendly?



They may have gluten free crusts and a guise of "allergy" safety (they even ask), but their practices are not up to a high enough standard to be safe for either allergies or celiac. While making my kids pizza, cross contamination occurred through gloves (not changed between a wheat pizza and our gf pizza) and their oven is not safe. When I asked about their procedure for baking, I was informed that they "sweep it out" so it's safe... before putting our gf pizza directly in the oven (no base), allowing for more cross contamination. I spoke to the shift manager about what I saw and she didn't think it was a problem. It felt like a case of ignorance, not malace, but I definitely don't feel safe eating here.

Updated 1 year ago