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2032 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

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This is the most Celiac friendly place I’ve ever eaten. AND their pizza is good. It is crucial that you tell your pizza maker that you are Celiac or have an allergy, because they make the “GF preference” pizzas differently than the “GF allergy” pizzas I have never gotten sick after PizzaRev.

Besides using GF crust packaged separately, if you tell them you have Celiac/Allergy, they are trained to make your pizza very carefully. (I watched one of the managers train a new employee on how to make them. Since you are watching them make your pizza, you will know if they miss anything (as one new employee did on mine recently, using a non-GF cutter to cut my pizza, after it was done). If you point it out, they will apologize and cheerfully remake your pizza.)

Here’s how the trainer trained:

1. Wear doubled gloves

2. Put a greased pan in the oven to heat

3. Use a pan from a stack of GF pans they keep in a drawer below the food line, and cover with paper from the bottom of the paper stack.

4. Use a squeeze bottle for sauce (kept in a drawer under the line) and the associated GF ladle (it’s color coded.)

5. Use the non-dominant hand and pull toppings aside, and use the dominant to pull toppings from the bottom. Be careful not to touch the toppings on the top of the pan. Never switch hands. (Seriously, this was a detail I didn’t even consider.)

6. Slide the GF pizza onto the warmed pan. Be careful not to let it touch the oven directly.

7. After it’s done, use the color-coded GF cutter to cut the pizza, and don’t let it touch the counter.

Seriously, their attention to detail keeps me coming back. And I always feel more confident since I’m actually watching them make my pizza.

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