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505 N Rainforest Rd, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

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We went here because the ratings were amazing and there were gluten free options. I had ordered the gluten free Mac and cheese and my brother had ordered regular Mac and cheese. First of we had been waiting for about over and hour for our food. Then when our food came my food was first a sever put a plate in front of me and said gluten free Mac and cheese. I was so hungry I just dug in. Then the main waiter brought over another plate of Mac and cheese and put it in-front of my brother and said gluten free Mac and cheese. By that point I had already partially ate the fragility Mac and cheese. The worst part was I knew I was going to be sick the rest of the vacation. I started to spit out the food. They rushed me over to where they gave me a drink to settle my stomach. The manager took 20 minites and finally came out! She started talking to us and I felt really sick. They asked if I needed medical attention. She was saying how this usually never happens. First of all this should never happen. If I had a different alergy and the same thing happened I could have gone into anaphylactic shock! This is why I do not trust this place and I don’t recommend it. The chef should ALWAYS bring out the gf so we can varify. Not only that but every single one of the staff should be educated on allergy’s and auto Amune disorders like celiac.

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