Red Robin

Review by Christina

4105 SW 117th, Ste. F, Beaverton, OR 97005
2 years ago

I have had a couple positive experiences here, but I will now avoid this place when it's busy. My last two experiences haven't been so great. In the first of these two, we called ahead for avocobbo salads, asking specifically for gf modifications. We picked them up, went home, and found that the bleu cheese was on the salads. I called to have it fixed. We arrived and the manager told me to tell the staff taking my order what modifications to make for my order to be gf. She was so adamant, and repeated herself multiple times; I felt as though she was putting all the responsibility on me. As one with celiac disease, who happens to also be pregnant (double reason to stay gf), I will do what's necessary to be and stay healthy. However, with an establishment that boasts gf measures (including a dedicated fryer), I shouldn't have to be solely responsible in teaching the staff how to serve what the restaurant offers. Anyways, we just went again tonight and, based on their own allergen menu, I detailed to the server the changes I needed in my salad. My husband ordered a burger with gf modifications. The fries brought out weren't gf (I'm experiencing a reaction from them as I type), he didn't get a gf bun, and my salad arrived with garlic toast on top (I did specify no toast). The server was wonderful, she demonstrated total awareness of my needs, and watched us like a hawk, asking right away what was wrong when I had to send the food back. She then went back, unbeknownst to me until her return, to ensure my salad was entirely remade. I'm not sure where the lapse is. If we go again we will no longer go when this place is busy, as it has been with both of these incidences.