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Celiac friendly?



They DO have a gluten free menu and even a bun, however, they have gone completely electronic. You have to use your own phone to get online (in the middle of the mountains) to view their gluten free menu. The servers are trained to use their own phones and bring up the menu for you (the site makes you use the location of the restaurant before you can view the menu on the phone...and who knows the zip code when you are just passing through? My sister couldn’t get the site to load on her phone at all). The problem with that scenario is we happened to have the only server who doesn’t carry a smart phone. He was smart (and kind) enough to go get his manager, who ultimately took our orders for us and helped him deliver our food. The food was good. The experience was frustrating (although not near as bad as Paula Dean), so I’m not sure if I can say the restaurant chain itself has make recent customer friendly decisions. The staff (manager mainly) was friendly and understanding (I did offer that we could leave without ordering when the waiter himself couldn’t help us...and that wasn’t a threat but more of an offer as he couldn’t help us)

Updated 10 months ago