Review of Ruth's Chris Steak House

Grand Hyatt Hotel, 727 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101

Overall Rating


My son and I are very sensitive Celiacs. Gluten free menu, no bread, no dedicated fryer. Steaks are GF and seasoned with salt, pepper and butter. I need dairy free too, which really limited the options and that left salad with balsamic dressing, crab stack and broccoli. Fresh berries for dessert. Every thing was fresh and delicious. We did not get sick. It was hard for my son to wait for his steak as he was hungry and doesn’t like seafood and he chose not to eat a salad. The server said they will change the oil on slow nights for GF fries. Because they serve bread, I requested new silverware to remain wrapped in cloth napkin to be safe and reminded server to mix my salad in a fresh bowl as recommended on their web site. We usually get sick when we eat out and we’re both relieved to be well. We will risk it again due to the great steak and servers efforts to accommodate our needs.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 2 years ago