Review by Megan

2 Rte 37 W #4c, Toms River, NJ 08753
1 year ago
Not celiac friendly

I went there three days ago with my five-year-old daughter who has celiac. They brought out to cheeseburgers in a row saying they were gluten-free and when I asked him to doublecheck they said whoops nope that wasn't gluten-free OK this one is… OK note this one definitely is… Finally they brought one out that they absolutely assured he was gluten-free,by this point my daughter was absolutely starving so I let her eat it. What a mistake. We're now 72 hours later and she is still a complete mess. Crying irritable headaches sleeplessness extremely itchy from head to toe. She's having a gluten reaction like she hasn't had in years I would never eat there again with her never