Review of SOL Southwest Kitchen & Tequila Bar

1101 Stockade Ln, Mt Pleasant, SC 29466

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As much as I want them to be a legitimate option for me, it is just not a safe place for celiacs. I have been there multiple times, and probably 75% of the time I have had a reaction. I always tell my server--I have even talked to a manager most of my visits. As I am currently on day 3 feeling like a swallowed knives since my visit there, I thought I would warn others. I have ordered a variety of items, but most recently I got the bacon cheeseburger on a gluten free bun. The order came out, and I could tell right away it was not the gluten free bun. Additionally, they had fried, breaded onions on the burger. I asked the runner just to take it back and take it off the check. I had mixed feelings about taking a chance on them again anyway, and when the order was wrong, I decided to skip the meal. A manager came over and assured me he could deliver me a gluten free cheeseburger. I said no the first time, but he came back again and convinced me that they could make it. The next burger came out on the gluten free bun, and the fries were missing the gluteny seasoning, but I am still miserable and in lots of pain. I have had similar hit or miss luck with the kitchen salad, which should be gluten free, but it has made me sick at least once. And I've ordered enchiladas, which were ok once but not ok the second time. I so wanted a Mexican option for gluten free, but SOL is not it for me. I will say, all of my food was tasty, but none of it was worth the subsequent pain.

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Updated 4 years ago