Review of Steak 'n Shake

1802 S Veterans Pkwy, Bloomington, IL 61704

Overall Rating

Celiac friendly?



I LOVE this restaurant!!! Why? Cuz *unlike* McDonald's, the fries at Steak N Shake *are* gluten-free!!!!!!!!!!! I take off the bun of their steakburgers, and eat them too; NO fillers in the hamburger patties. Also, because I eat low-FODMAP, knowing there are no onions, garlic, or other spices added to the meat that would cause huge!! They don't have fillers and junk used in their meat; a rarity in chain restaurants nowadays. I'm seeing no problems from eating their burgers without a I eat their fries with their burgers (bunless).....and it's awesome food!!! Highly recommended.

Updated 5 years ago