Review of Sugarfire

605 Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO 63101

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I was a bit timid going here due to the lack of a gluten free menu. However when I got to the counter, I told them I couldn’t eat gluten, and asked if they could change their gloves before serving the food. The staff responded immediately with clarifying the severity of my allergy (gluten sensitivity or celiac disease?). I was low key thrilled that they knew of celiac disease and were able to serve me accordingly. The meat is separate from the sauce, and all the sauce is gluten free except the white/cream sauce I believe (always ask them for clarification as they may rotate sauces). I highly recommend the pulled pork with the coffee bbq sauce! Also, there are some gf sides that they were able to provide, which is always incredible when it’s not a side sale or fruit like I’m used to (hehe!). Again, ask for clarification on which sides are gf as they may rotate. Celiac safe!!

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Updated 2 years ago