Tatsu Ramen

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7111 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046
3 years ago
Not celiac friendly

this was the most ridiculous resturaunt ive ever been too in LA. i was expecting something amazing...no...not at all. the wait alone was 45 minutes and you have to wait outside. not to mention the rude waiters. Aside from this, the ramen was the most grossest thing ive ever had, just take normal gluten free noodles (italian) from a grocery store and put it in miso soup. GROSS. Not to mention, there was an EGG in my noodles that was raw on the inside....and this was normal, but it still makes my skin crawl even the day after. i didnt finish it and i could not take it. $12 for a normal ramen bowl but because of "gf" they added an extra $6 which made my bowl over priced and ridulous. on top of all of thi, this is not safe for any celiacs they are re using the same spoons to fill other bowls as well as urs....i asked if the chilli powder was gluten free and the response to this was..."gluten free? well its not like itz bad for you!". at that point i was about done. This wasnt worth $52 and its just water mixed in regular corn noodles! so disappointed....my skin is still crawling of how gross it was....my food is coming back up writing this...