Review of Tavern in the Square

120 Beverly St, Boston, MA 02114

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They brought my son a grilled cheese on gluten bread, even though I asked the waitress literally 5 times to make sure that it was GF. I even asked again after she brought it out as it didn’t seem like GF bread and she said it was. I asked a manager and it wasn’t - it was regular bread. Unfortunately my son had already eaten half of it. The waitress was also extremely rude and had major attitude, on top of being totally incompetent (I think her name was Maritza). The waitress also told me that the chicken tenders did not have dairy (the other allergy my other GF kid has), but when I asked her to confirm it turns out they are cooked in buttermilk. Unbelievably horrible service. Avoid this place as they hire incompetent waitstaff who will put your health at risk.

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Updated 1 year ago