Texas Roadhouse

Review by Leanne

14200 E Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO 80014
Not celiac
1 year ago

If a steak and potato is what you want this is definitely the place to go. Our server was very careful to make my order as I requested, and she told me they do have a dedicated process to avoid gluten contamination. I would look at the website version of the 'gluten friendly' menu first, as it has a few more details than the print out. Basically it is best to expect to leave off any seasoning that isn't salt and pepper. It is difficult to get servers who are knowledgable about gluten/xanthan gum issues, but our server was patient enough to go over each item on my order to make sure that it was okay for me to eat, and that meant a lot. My steak, potato, and fresh veggies were all cooked to perfection. I am only intolerant, not celiac/allergic, but I am willing to bet this place will work out for others. Just expect it to be SUPER busy on Fridays!