Review of The Cosmic Omelet

485 Hartford Rd, Manchester, CT 06040

Overall Rating


A nice quirky diner-type restaurant with a fun and varied menu ( heavy on the omelettes obviously). The food is tasty and the restaurant is clean. There is an option for GF bread but you must know to ask for it, it's not listed on the menu. Many menu items are naturally GF but unfortunately everything is prepared on a communal griddle-top. I did ask for them to clean a section of the grill before cooking my meal, but be aware that cross contamination is a significant problem.

Ont he plus side they offer grits or fruit as an option to toast and home fries. I wouldn't recommend the home fries as they are pre-cooked in large portions on the griddle top so cross contamination is probable.

I experienced some small but tolerable symptoms about an hour post meal, which for me indicates trace contamination. If you are only mild/moderately intolerant like me, than this might be an option for you. People with severe intolerances or celiac should not eat here.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 5 years ago

Not celiac