The Melting Pot

Review by Felicia

1050 SW 6th Ave #100, Portland, OR 97204
9 months ago
Not celiac friendly

Tried a new thing last night for Valentine's day. The food was good, and for the most part it was fun. We made sure to inform the restaurant when we made the reservation that I had celiac disease, they said they would be able to easily accommodate me and they would write down a note. We also told our waiter as soon as we sat, we told him that because we would be sharing the pot my husband's food would be gluten free as well because cross contamination was a big issue for me. Despite all of this prepping the waiter still brought out honey WHEAT bread, croutons on my salad, raviolis and a meat that was not gluten free! I had to babysit my waiter the whole night! Twice they turned off the burner and forgot to turn it back on making our food pot cool, and impossible to cook our main course. To add insult to injury the Valentine's day package included a picture. The picture is awful, the low lighting plus flash resulted in an extremely washed out shot. Not worth the very high price.