Review of The Twisted Tail

509 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Overall Rating


I just had the BEST experience here. I feel bad that so many people had a bad experience in the past. I spoke with my waiter who was very informed about celiac, the menu didn’t specifically say what was gf but the waiter went through the entire menu with me and told me what could be made gf with certain adjustments etc. I chose chicken wings bc they don’t fry them, they bake, smoke and grill them! So good and I got the smoked duck which was out of this world. I admit I’m struggling a few hours after eating but to be fair not only do I have celiac & a dairy intolerance but I also had my gallbladder removed so I struggle to process super greasy fat foods aka I think my struggle is coming from the duck itself and nothing else. I will definitely be coming back and I’m trying the ribs next time!

Celiac friendly?


Updated 2 years ago