True Food Kitchen

Review by Catalina

168 W Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105
1 year ago


Celiac friendly?



Staff was extremely knowledgeable about cross contamination and their gf items were clearly labeled. They assured and reassured me that they’d change gloves, ensure clean surfaces, no fillers in their sauces, etc. Unfortunately although I felt great about my order, it tested positive w/ the Nima and I couldn’t eat. Thankful to have been spared a painful glutening but sad to see that even w/ all their assurances of a safe meal, gluten was still detected. Our waiter was very apologetic and seemed embarrassed at the fact that although the manager came and apologized, he didn’t give a discount or comp my husband’s meal or even offer a different plate even though I had to sit there unable to eat. I asked them to remove my plate off the bill and they did. Sad experience overall for someone w/ Celiac but thankful for my Nima.