Uno Chicago Grill

Review by Vittorio

201 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202
3 months ago
Celiac friendly

This had to be in my top 5 best pizza I've had since going gluten free. I travel around the country and even have had my fair share in gluten free pizza in Italy and man was I impressed. This isn't your typical card board disk. It's actually has some chew to it at just the right amount. It's even got a real crust. The only suggestion I make for you super sensitive Celiac out there like me. Is to request they grab the toppings including the cheese and sauce from the cooler and not the line. They do keep the crust in a sealed container away from everything else. With this method you can make most pizza places within reach. Just make sure you speak to a manager before sitting down so you can make sure it will be done correctly.