Unrefined Bakery

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3411 Preston Road, Frisco, TX 75034
10 months ago
Celiac friendly

I ordered a cake for my twins’ birthday party. I ordered chocolate, thinking that with all these great reviews it must be really good. I tried their cupcakes years ago and thought it must have just been an off day, they were not good at all. I have been gluten free for 12 years and know what differences you can generally expect with gluten free baked goods. I was short on time and needed a cake for my kids so I ordered from Unrefined, thinking that it was probably good by now if they’re still in business. I was wrong. The cake we ordered for the party was really bad. We sliced cake for everyone and just barely tasted it, before deciding it couldn’t be safe to consume. It was dense, fudgy, but not sweet and sort of fishy smelling and tasteless. It was by far the worst gluten free anything I have ever had. And we really aren’t very picky! To top it all off, the management didn’t believe anything we said and were quite defensive. They had us bring back the cake so they could taste it! My kids were very disappointed, and still talk about the “rotten birthday cake” they had at their last birthday. The person we spoke to didn’t really seem to care that it was disappointing to my kids either, and was more concerned with defending the nasty cake. The cake isn’t even made in house, they make them in an off-site bakery or somewhere else. Anything could happen to it and they wouldn’t really know. I had a sandwich inside their restaurant last year. The girl taking our order was very nice. My husband was given a bag of chips that was completely open when he grabbed it to open it, so he went back to the counter to swap it out. The lady that was at the counter at that time either didn’t believe him or didn’t want to be bothered with giving him another bag. We will never return to this restaurant.