Viva Chicken

Review by Adaiza

1183 E 100 S, St George, UT 84790
2 years ago
Not celiac friendly

I am EXTREMELY sensitive to cross contamination so if you are not that way but choose to or have to eat gluten free I would say go here. The food looks amazing and they have a lot of gluten free options just not a ton of completely Celiac friendly options( for example all of their chicken is marinated in beer). Here is my experience: After doing some research and reading reviews I decided to give this place a try. Sadly I won't be returning any time soon. They guy taking my order was not knowledgeable at all when I started asking him questions. But thankfully the owner came over and was so helpful telling me what would be safe to eat. I am SO thankful he came over because he saved me from getting super sick. He let me know that all the chicken is marinated in beer. That some of their sides have elements that are not gluten free and obviously anything that is friend is not gluten free. Basically the only thing I could safely eat was a salad. The safest salad for me was the Cobb salad and it was delicious but something on there did make me have a small reaction. (Can't take me anywhere..) long story short I won't be going back. But I have heard of others with Celiac who have not had a reaction and love eating here. Like I said the food looked amazing and I am so so grateful for the owner from saving me from a rough couple of days.