Review by Ty Garnero

1250 E Higgins Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60173
1 year ago
Not celiac friendly

I was blown away with the quality, options and service at the Glenview location. On the two occasions I ventured to this Schaumburg location I have had a severe reaction. The last being two days ago. PLEASE BE AWARE. I even told the server that the time before I had gotten sick. My server insisted that there was no way I could have gotten sick the last time as the item I ordered was "naturally gluten free". Not only did I not appreciate her faul attitude, but her lack of concern and attention to my dietary needs was evident by this last trip. I was sick again within hours. I know it is general practice for the serve to inform the kitchen by filling out a yellow slip to go with the order, and generally the dish comes with a tag saying "allergy" on it, signifying that it was prepared as a gluten free dish. Neither of the times I have been here has this happened. Now I realise it wasn't just someone forgetting to put the tag on the dish when it was served, it was pure negligence and lack of care. I do hope their staff take GF dietary requests seriously, as people who suffer from celiac like myself do not simply choose to eat this way...